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The Worst

Founded in 2015 by stand-up comedians, The Worst strives to be something a little different. Inspired by live sketch shows like Saturday Night Live and Mr. Show, The Worst offers an alternative to both traditional stand-up shows and the independent theater circuit by offering a little of both. A variable engine of absurdity, parody, and obtuseness, it's the best thing you can do on a Thursday night in the Mission.

The Worst is:

Justin Alan - A bearded bow tie aficionado has never sounded so funny. Justin Alan started telling jokes on stage in early 2011 and is going stronger than ever. Justin has been hustling hard from SF to NY to LA doing stand up, and is tapping into improv, writing, and acting as well. He hates spiders.

Seamus Calder - Born and raised in San Francisco, Seamus has been active in theater for over a decade. Starting out in ACT’s Young Conservatory Theater, Seamus appeared in the 2001 production of A Christmas Carol. An ordained minister, freelance writer, and a failed mayoral candidate sometimes he does stand up, sometimes he sleeps till noon. His hair is amazing, and he has never lost a game of Star Fox 64.

Brian Fields - Brian grew up a hick boy in the southern part of Ohio. He bagged groceries during the summer. He became a professional poker player and made a bunch of money. He has a Ph.D. in Computers. When he decided to take up comedy, there was no doubt he would be successful. Within six months he was in the finals of the Battle of the Bay Comedy Competition. Brian believes happiness is possible in this world, however ephemeral.

Sarah Longacre - As demonstrated by the length of time it took for this bio to be written, Sarah is a procrastinator who is allowed to be in the group because she lets us typecast her as small children and loose women. Her acting profession peaked at the age of 8 when she was cast in a musical production of Babes In Toyland, where she played the non speaking role of the creepy cat. Sarah sells market research by day and does whatever she feels like at night, including drinking wine and pestering her cat and husband.

Jacob Rubin - Jacob Rubin is an Oakland-based comedian, writer, and otherwise performer in whatever he's asked to do. He has performed at clubs all over California, including the Purple Onion, the SF Punchline, and the Comedy Store in Hollywood, but he has been seen hitting his head on door frames in venues all across the country. His comedy style is mostly composed of made-up true stories and copious heaps of irony. He co-hosts two podcasts, the Roof Pizza Chronicles: A Breaking Bad Podcast, and the Escapist Comics Podcast, and produces a weekly stand-up comedy show at Kip's Bar in Berkeley. As of this writing, he has use of both of his legs, but you never know.

Emily Van Dyke - Emily Van Dyke is 31 and still on her mom’s cell phone plan. Originally from Indiana, The Crossroads of America, she has struggled to overcome a monotone voice, nearsightedness and the death of her late cat "Patches" to become a comic who has an apartment with a washer/dryer inside of it. Emily hosts the comedy dating show "Flirting with Laughter," she was the winner of the 2013 Walk the Plank Comedy Competition and she performs in clubs and basements all the time. Also Emily Van Dyke is not related to Dick Van Dyke so don't be an idiot and ask her that.