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Josh Androsky

Josh Androsky quit high school early to pursue his love of television. By 20, he was a full time writer. When he was like 22 he wrote/produced FOX’s "New Year’s Eve Live." Weird, right? Scott Weiland was there and it went about the way you’d assume. At 23, Josh felt trapped, until he did his first open mic. He has since thrived in the LA comedy scene. He started a show on the steps of City Hall, ate shrooms and got weird as The Skateboard Rabbi on "The Price is Right," performed at festivals and venues across the nation, appeared on "This American Life," SyFy’s "Sharkmania," and contributes to VICE among other corporately-owned counterculture outlets. He has also recently started writing for TV that is supposed to be funny, like "Billy On The Street" and "Spongebob Squarepants," so his cat and girlfriend could not be happier for him.