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Josef Anolin

Josef Anolin is a premier, up-and-coming performer boasting verve and nerve where “Def” meets deft. Josef reflects an eclectic appeal; a product of his melting pot, Bay Area upbringing and Filipino/Japanese American heritage. Onstage he’s known for on-point punditry, stylish substance and a palpable, affable freshness.

Described as, “incredulously profound while simultaneously embodying a playful deviousness. Challenging one stereotype or social norm one moment, to championing another with a faux willful ignorance the next.”

Co-produces 2 monthly shows in San Francisco: "Live At Deluxe" & "Haters Gonna Hate” as well as “Night Moves” San Francisco’s only weekly Midnight comedy show. He can be followed on social media sites @josefanolin